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The hub for quantum enthusiasts from all walks of life
to imagine an equitable quantum future.

Quantum computing and quantum technology are positioned to transform society in unimaginable ways.

Yet without proactive engagement, the benefits of such a quantum world are not likely to be felt by all.


Other advanced computing technologies, such as AI, have shown that unequal access to

and lack of inclusion in the development of such technology can harm excluded communities.

Let's start asking important questions early, together.

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​​​The Quantum Ethics project is here to extend these important debates to emerging quantum technology. Let us start asking important questions early, together: What exactly is quantum computing promising to improve? For whom is this improvement, and who is left out? How do we measure the value of quantum? Can we move beyond linear models of innovation and let scientists co-develop this technology together with people from all walks of life?

Can we share these thoughts while the quantum era is emerging, not once it has been established?



How will quantum impact you?

We believe there is currently a unique opportunity in front of us: Hundreds of degrees specializing in quantum computing are being created worldwide. We want to make sure critical thinking on the socio-ethical impact of quantum technology is part of the core skill set taught to the future quantum workforce from the very start. 

Concretely, we are creating modular teaching resources that can be integrated into programs at high school, undergrad and graduate level. Stay tuned for details!


Who is creating the technology?

The answer to this question will strongly influence what shape the quantum future will take. Hence, we are engaging with policy makers to ensure the emerging quantum workforce is composed of students from diverse sectors of society.

Our variety of backgrounds, ideas and concerns will make the quantum future equitable and robust.


What is quantum ethics?

Our research aims to dig deep into this unexplored field: What themes are shared with the ethics surrounding other advanced computing technologies such as AI? What topics are unique to quantum?

We invite you to join our conversation and help us integrate our findings into our educational materials to stimulate continuing discussions amongst students, researchers and the public worldwide.

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Our Team

We are a global, interdisciplinary community of graduate students and researchers exploring the intersection of quantum technology and society.

This is not a task we can achieve alone. We want to bring together all those who want to ask and answer these important questions.

We have already connected with over 100 fellow quantum enthusiasts across the globe. Use this map to check out their work.

How will quantum technology impact you

and your communities? Join us!

We'd love to hear your thoughts.

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