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Explore content provided by the QEP as well as
external news features of our projects below!

Workshops, panels &

Thanks to the support from Perimeter Institute, the QEP has organized a variety of workshops, lectures and panel discussions.

Watch recordings of all events hosted at Perimeter below.

Watch our very first event above:

a guest lecture given by Joan & Sarah

for the PSI master's program at Perimeter Institute.

Reading group

In collaboration with the FemPhys student group at UWaterloo, the QEP recently organized

a 9-week hybrid reading group.

In the news...

The QEP has been featured in several quantum news media.

Congratulations to Joan for being featured

in the "Women of Quantum" series of
Inside Quantum Technology!

Thank you to Tina Dekker for covering the QEP on Dead Cat Live Cat - Quantum News for Nerds!

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